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About Paws N Tails 

My name is Jane Griffin, my husband, Bill and I live in eastern Oklahoma.  
 We love the slower pace of life here, along with enjoying the horse
races.  My journey with puppies began like this, I purchased TOT, male 
maltese, the love  of my life, and my best friend.  He was with us  no 
matter where we traveled, slept with us, ate with us, and where you saw
 us,  you would see him.  He was definitely more human than puppy.  My 
daughter sent me a little female named Abby.  Tot and Abby played 
together and were  inseparable.  Together they had one litter of puppies 
that was only  two weeks old when he accidentally died.  He was  10.  I knew absolutely nothing about raising puppies but "I knew that I was 
HOOKED,  BAIT, LINE & SINKER".  It's what I wanted to do. I was 
fortunate to find good quality puppies from a lady that raised the
 breed for more than 24 years, and  the rest is history.  

I take my job very seriously!  GOD has entrusted me with these
 precious babies  and I take the very best care of them possible.  Yes, 
there's long hours, lost sleep,  no time off, but I love every single
 minute of it.  It's not like a job to me but a 
I love making others happy with my furry babies.  I have been asked
several times,  "How can you part with them?"  My reply, "If you 
could see the look on their face when they see their new baby, or hear 
the  excitement  in their voice when calling  after their baby 
arrives, you would know."  

I am so blessed to have met such wonderful people and friends along the 
way.   Whether they know it or not, I have been blessed by them more 
than they'll ever  know.  A special thanks to each and every one of you that
 have adopted a furry baby from me and for giving "my babies" a loving home!