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Shipping Information

The majority of shipments will be from Fort Smith, Arkansas. I research flights times and temperatures 
to find the shortest, most comfortable flight 
for your new puppy. 

**  Please note that flights can be booked 10 days 
in advance. I will send you a confirmation email 
or text concerning the flight.

Flights for shipments booked to leave from 
Tulsa, Ok  will be confirmed in advance. A 
confirmation email of puppy shipment will be 
sent to your email address as soon as flight
 is booked. In that email 
you will receive all flight information, 
flight numbers, arrival and departure

You are required to show a photo ID at the
 airport for pickup of your new puppy. Since all
 airports are different, I suggest that you call
 the airport to confirm the pickup area for
 your puppy. Usually it's one of three places, 
either (1) ticket counter (2) baggage claim area
 (3) cargo area.


    Preferred form of payment:

    1.   Pay Pal

    2.   Cashiers Check

    3.   Cash

    4.  Walmart gram or Western Union

    Payment must be made the day                   before the puppy is shipped.